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    Just curious what the general consensus is about's run by i0n1c, who came up with the most recent untether for 4.x jailbreaks. At the very bottom, he writes: "DISCLAIMER: This website is not about an iPad 2 jailbreak, it is about photos of waiting iPad 2 only."

    The obvious assumption is an iPad 2 jailbreak...but he has also denied that with a bunch of (somewhat joking) tweets:

    To clarify it once again. I donít have an iPad2 Jailbreak, I donít even have an iPad2. I just have problems with the ELEVATOR in my home. (15 May)

    Basically I was tweeting about a broken elevator in my home and suddenly it became a jailbreak in the mind of the JB community. (13 June)

    And perhaps most intriguingly, what could be read as a hint at a wider exploit:
    So you should ensure to send in your idevice + elevator pictures early. You read right - I am now opening the site for all kinds of iDevices. (13 June)

    Anyway, I'm just curious--I don't even have an iPad, but I enjoy i0n1c's sense of fun. I wonder why we haven't seen anything about it on TiPb?
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    very interesting indeed. what i find even more intruiging is the fact that they (TiPb) has not asked you to join their blog team. they need someone with a little more insight, like yourself
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    Did i miss something? What is this thread about?
    06-13-2011 07:35 PM
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    Did i miss something? What is this thread about?
    It's about a site ( that was started by a leading jailbreak developer (i0n1c). The site seems to hint at an iPad 2 jailbreak, possibly called elevat0r.
    06-13-2011 09:22 PM
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    Well I know one of the Chronic Dev-Team members promised an iPad 2 JB in a couple weeks and Greenpois0n creator put up a post on his blog about it. I wrote up a post for the blog I write on. I have never cared about JB on the iPad prob cause that is the way I use mine so it's not my daily. So if it comes out I'll do it 4 sure but otherwise I'm cool with the wait.
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    Did i miss something? What is this thread about?
    DITTO, lol! I've heard i0n1c tweeting about this elevator for weeks but have no clue either, if its iPad related I'm taking the stairs!
    06-16-2011 06:02 PM
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    It's elevat0r not elevator and it's a program that steps through the code and jailbreaks the device in seconds. It works on all OSes, all model of devices and allows you to upgrade and downgrade right from the program hence elevat0r!!! It also allows your iPhone 2 decode Tassimo disks and make a mean cup of Cappacinno Gotchya!!!
    06-16-2011 07:05 PM