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    This thread is dedicated to "all the little things" that are new in iOS 5 but not mentioned at the Keynote.

    • Custom Vibrations can be set - by dspalton

    • Rotating iCal on iPhone shows Week View:
    • New 'Twitter' Keyboard which is also used in browser - FrogBot
    • iCloud mentions of "Buying More Storage" - Racedude (Images by funrush and dspalton)
    • Hourly forecast in Weather.app - funrush
    • Storage info in Settings.app (with ability to delete) - funrush
    • iTunes Syncing in Settings.app - funrush

    • Custom sounds for separate occurrences - funrush

    • Ability to define words in offline dictionary (Opens as an overlay on iPad) - Vitruviux and Haphadon (images)

    • When you are in the Camera app you can slide to the left and it goes to your current photo gallery, then slide back to the right and it goes back to the live camera view. - CheesePuff
    • When you type in a phone number, iOS automatically detects wether it is capable of sending an iMessage, so it's completely integrated into the messages app - Racedude
    • Green SMS button = SMS, Blue SMS Button (as we have now) = iMessage - Racedude
    • When an app crashes, instead of snapping out, it fades back to the home screen - Harry20larry
    • When making directions in Maps, you can select several routes before starting - Racedude
    • Weather now has a "My Location" screen, and tapping on the day brings up the hourly forecast - Racedude
    • You can delete songs from directly off your iOS device - Racedude
    • Improved Usage screen, allows you to see exactly how much space each application is taking up - Racedude
    • In Messages, a message sent via iMessage is blue, rather than green
    • When ignoring a notification then locking screen, the notification isn't seen on the lock screen (possible b1 bug?)
    • You can now delete individual calls now
    • You can turn off badge app icon which means I can still get notifications from an app but dont have to have to open it up now to get rid of that red number - flatfoot99
    • App Store Downloads now download concurrently, instead of one at a time like on < iOS5 - astroot
    • You can mark an email is read by doing edit, now where you have move and delete you also have mark, which marks it as read - andythursby
    • When switching the mute switch back to on, the hud with the bell also shows the volume boxes. - waffles123
    • You can now set the maximum messages downloaded through email to 1000 instead of 250 - rssfed23

    PLUS the list from BGR
    • iPod is now 'Music' and 'Video' separately - androiphone (Image BGR)
    • The new rounded toggles:
    • Preference to open pages in Safari in a new page or in background (amazing!).
    • More alert choices for emails, calendar, and the ability to buy more.
    • Ability to create keyboard shortcuts (autotext) to replace custom phrases. The default entry is omw which is replaced with, On my way!
    • Software update option in settings to check for the latest OS.
    • Sync now button to wireless sync to iTunes
    • Ability to customize how notifications in Notification Center look you can customize how many recent ones to show, 1, 5 or 10, if its showed in the lock screen, if its in Notification Center, and also the alert style, banner or alert style.
    • Twitter installs directly from the settings page if its not installed directly, you arent even taken to the App Store.
    • FaceTime button in iMessage messages at the top now
    • Tweeting photos is, so so slick. It displays on Twitter as powered by Photobucket, and its from iOS.
    • Theres a new option to print out from the Maps app hilarious.
    • You can make new albums right from the device itself in Photos.
    • You can move and add photos to albums.
    • You can customize the default alert times. So now when you enter a calendar entry, you dont have to set the default alert time you like
    • It seems that Reminders sync with Exchange (Tasks basically), but you cant set location-based reminders if youre on Exchange, just with iCloud. You can selectively choose where to sync the reminder.
    • You can set the caller ID for FaceTime calls, so if you call someone, you can choose it to display your cellular number or email address.
    • In the weather app, there is a new pane for a current location which will show you weather for wherever you are.
    • When syncing with iTunes you can use the device normally no more syncing screen!
    • You can delete individual calls from the call list

    You can also see the whole list at Apps91
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    06-12-2011 03:12 PM
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    Those are just some of the features! Since there are over 200 new features
    06-12-2011 04:44 PM
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    Hopefully they will add cover flow.
    06-12-2011 04:59 PM
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    So excited for the new tab optionsthat takes care of another of my jb tweaks (Enhanced Tabs) if I can open new pages in the background.
    06-12-2011 05:34 PM