1. rodney0905's Avatar
    I must admit, I am ignorant of all things iDevice. I have been an Android user and am pretty comfortable with modding those handsets, but anyways. I got a 3gs 16gb yesterday. It was unlocked and jailbroken and I didnt want it to be. I asked the guy if I reset the phone,would anything be messed up, I didn't know doing a reset would mess with it being unlocked or jailbroken and he assured me it was fine . I also went to ATT and the guys told me to just plug it into iTunes and do a restore. I reset the phone without checking the firmware or baseband. I had no clue I needed those. And am now stuck in recovery. I have googled this problem (am now on error 3194) about how to get back to a usable iPhone but there are so many answers everything is just confusing now. I downloaded the 4.01 restore ipsw but it gives me that 3194 when I try to restore. I am trying to download a custom firmware and see if that will work. Please help. Thanks
    06-05-2011 11:03 PM
  2. Peligro911's Avatar
    It prob had a updated baseband I'm guessing 6.15 download redsnow download original 4.3.3 software download a custom os ... Run redsnow select original file then select put device in dfu mode follow steps then open itunes hold shift n click restore select custom file and u should be good to go
    06-06-2011 12:43 AM