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    Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere and I was unable to find it.

    My phone is currently stuck at the "Restarting Springboard" screen and does not go past it.

    Here is the background: I went to Cydia, it showed that I had "essential upgrades." I clicked on "complete upgrade." It was an update for "insanelyi repo prep."

    After the update was downloaded, I clicked on "respring" from SBSettings and it's been stuck ever since.

    I connected to iTunes and it went through the backup process, but no luck rebooting to the home screen.

    I hate to do it, but do I have no other option than to restore my phone to non-jailbroken status? Please say it isn't so.
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    05-31-2011 11:41 PM
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    Insaneleyi repo is known for illegal, ripped apps, and has been reported as such. You will probably have to restore the phone. If you want to re-jailbreak, don't add that repo back and you most likely will be fine.
    06-01-2011 11:10 AM