1. PsYcHoNeWb's Avatar
    I have been playing around with SlantedLock for the past 2 days and I can't figure out how to get the a retina display wallpaper to show up properly. Whenever I use iFile to change the css file and the LockBackgroundThumbnail file, it always comes out blurry and distorted.

    Is there anyway to fix this so that I can have a normal retina wallpaper for the lock screen with SlantedLock without having a distorted picture?
    05-23-2011 12:16 PM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    You can just point it to look in the theme folder, and place the file you want to use in there. It's probably named LockBackground.png

    That way you're not using a thumbnail but instead the full image.
    05-23-2011 01:10 PM
  3. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    May I suggest WeatherElements? It is gorgeous and comes with its own app to set the preferrences.
    05-23-2011 01:33 PM