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    First, please excuse me if these questions are answered elsewhere...I have been looking and looking and decided that I would just post my questions. Here goes:

    * Thinking about jailbreaking my Verizon iPhone but worried about what might happen if things don't go well. So...I may look for someone to help but in the meantime.
    * Are there better navigation apps? I have Navigon right now but hate that it won't import addresses from my Contact list - previously had a Droid that did this
    * Can you set different ring tones for different email accounts? I used to love berry buz for Blackberry which changed the color of the notification light
    * Is there an app that will allow me to remove the password protection screen that is on my phone due to work email coming through via Exchange?
    * I currently have the Verizon hotspot feature that I pay $20/month. Are the wifi apps after JBing similar or do they just allow you to tether a laptop? I like being able to have my phone become a hotspot for all my kids iPhones and iPads during long car trips.

    Any other final thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Still wary but getting closer - maybe...

    05-20-2011 07:12 PM