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    I have been unholy busy at work so I haven't had time to work on my themes. So I finally got a chance today to work on some icons and also change some sounds. I love OpenSSH it makes things so easy download your sound file the shorter ones are better. Then in iTunes change it to AIFF, read through this for the process of converting to an AIFF file http://forum.tipb.com/jailbreak-unlo...ones-free.html Once you have your AIFF go into your theme folder and rename the sound file you want to change. In the Theme's folder the UISounds folder is right in the root. I'm going to experiment with changing the stock SMS tones via the theme later today.

    beep-beep.caf - plugged into sync cable
    lock.caf - Lock the phone
    unlock.caf - Unlock the phone
    mail-sent.caf - Sent mail sound
    new-mail.caf - New mail sound
    photoShutter.caf - taking a picture

    I changed the sound of my cousin's photoshutter to say "Pervert!" it was hilarious when he was taking pictures at lunch.
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    05-17-2011 11:55 AM
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    OK experiment was successful I have now changed the stock text tone through my theme. So I don't need BiteSMS to have custom SMS themes. I still love it for the interface and also assigning SMS themes to specific people.
    05-30-2011 01:21 PM
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    Good work but why the trouble when like you said BiteSMS does what you want. Or you're interested in changing system sounds. Personally I'm still in love with CallTell and it saying the name of the person texting or calling. "Text from Lacey" or "Call from Lacey" but also being able to change what it says too. Have you tried CallTell any?

    05-30-2011 05:37 PM