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    Sorry to break the news to you, but not all of us are thieves... I can honestly state that I don't have any pirated software of any kind... no pirated music, video, or any other media. I am also certain that I am not alone...
    +1 Hank. You are definitely not alone.
    05-22-2011 08:43 AM
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    My son, who is an I.T., and a big iPhone user, told me that when you download cracked apps, they never work at 100%. Then when you delete them, there is always a small amount of "residue" left behind in the phone. If you're going to use those kinds of apps, you must restore, and re-jailbreak once a week. True or not, i believe him. Considering the cost of the iPhone, ten or twenty dollars worth of apps, at a one time fee, is a small price to pay for me.
    from some experience and what i have read this is correct. not to mention anyone using it will NEVER get the support like a paying individual would receive, and rightfully so. this in-turn increases any type of micro-managing to a level of ridiculous. so on top of the fact that you are not paying for it you get the headaches of trying to figure out every little bug by yourself. not fun and this is another reason why it is easier to just pay for it

    i think sometimes people get confused with others that used cracked apps. my opinion is that most do it for the "thrill" of it and not necessarily because they cannot afford it. these are the same people who do not like being told they cannot do something. unfortunately jailbreaking is the gateway to doing these frowned upon things and that is why jailbreakers, imo, get a bad rap

    as far as "residue" being left behind; i believe it. in fact i also believe it to be true with some jailbreak apps/tweaks that we all use. this is why i do random restores as new, even if there wasn't, peace of mind goes a long way in my head haha

    anyways, OP, yes cracked app talk here is not welcomed but as you already know there are plenty of other places out there that are designed for it. most people do not know that first coming here and sometimes will get flamed right off the get go. i wouldn't take it personal
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    05-22-2011 08:46 AM
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    Thieves? Yet you're working off of a pirated program for your phone or whatever it is you're here for... Yea makes total sense

    The jailbreak programs/process is NOT pirated anything. The software was developed and given away by the people who developed it. The courts have ruled that there is NOTHING illegal about jailbreaking the iPhone... (and for the record, I am NOT jailbroken on any iOS device).

    Alli has attempted to set you straight. Please be smart and follow her advice.
    05-22-2011 09:50 AM
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