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    hi everyone,

    maybe its a repost, but i already did some research, and the more i read the more confused i get.

    so my jailbroken/unlocked 3g with firmware 3.1.3 has gotten really slow recently and freezes alot more then it used to. i was thinking about upgrade the firmware and simply jailbreak it again. but i read that the new iOS will make the iphone difficult/impossible to unlock. and i also remember the iOS 4 was very slow on my phone that i had to downgrade it back to 3.1.3.

    so which iOS i should use if my 3g has to be unlocked? if 3.1.3 is still the best iOs for my purpose then what should i do so it will stop freezing and gain back its speed.

    Thanks in advance
    05-10-2011 04:53 PM