1. mjk's Avatar
    I was hesitant to jailbreak because I don't want my iPhone to become slow and unresponsive. I rooted my Droid and it seemed to just get buggy on me.

    But I read so many good things about jailbreaking your iPhone I decided to give it a go yesterday. I found some simple instructions:

    Step 1. Run Redsn0w, Select Firmware, Select Install Cydia, Enter DFU mode, Wait For Jailbreak to Complete.

    Step 2. Once complete, run Redsn0w again, except this time only select Just boot tethered now. Again enter DFU mode.

    Step 3. When finished, Open cydia then go to Manage/Sources/Edit/Add and add the following source: cydia.pushfix.info

    Step 4. Now install the package called Untether for 4.2.7″, Reboot and you are now Jailbroken untethered on 4.2.7 firmware!
    And when it powered back up, I was jailbroken! Just that easy. I played around in Cydia for a while, and looked through all the new apps I could get for my phone. I decided that I wouldn't buy anything right away until checking through the forums.

    But I did get a Packer dialer theme (I think that's what you call it anyway). It had helmets and logos that it added to the dialer screen. Downloaded no problem. When it was done it said that I needed to reboot the phone, so I did.

    But during the reboot it got stuck on the apple and never went any further. So I restored my phone last night and now it is fine. Not jailbroken any more, but it will be easy to do if I decide to try it again.

    Any thoughts on what went wrong? Any past experience or anyone notice a mistake I made? I'd like to try it again, but obviously don't want to restore my phone constantly.
    05-01-2011 12:19 PM
  2. Laelipoo's Avatar
    It sounds like the jailbreak was still tethered.
    05-01-2011 01:25 PM
  3. mjk's Avatar
    laelipoo, I think you're right. I tried the same process again and this time it seems to work. Thanks for the reply!
    05-01-2011 02:06 PM