1. errors's Avatar
    Hi, this is my fist post in here, i follow the blog for some time using the rss feed. Cause i didn't find the introduction thread i'll make it here.
    I'm Pedro Soeiro from Portugal, i've 3 iphones, 2 3g and one 4.
    Now the question, hope i manage to be clear, after updating to 4.3.2 and JB my iPhone 4 i've found a problem in 2 apps GymGoal and SoundHound, the fist one wont pass the fist menu and wont respond to touch. The second one it's really slow...
    I was using 4.2.1 firm, and after the update itunes sync all the apps, including the ones that were cracked. All the other ones are working great.

    Thanks in advance, errors.
    04-22-2011 07:58 AM