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    I've never upgraded from one version to the next while on Jailbreak so i want to cover all my bases, if someone could give me a hand that'd be great.

    I've backed up apps using AppBackup and AptBackup. SHSHBlobs were saved using TinyUmbrella.

    If I've read everything correctly I need to restore to a stock 4.2.6, upgrade to 4.2.7 then jailbreak. So...

    When I go to Shift+Option+Restore I get a message that "The software required for communicating with the iPhone is not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes to install the iPhone's software." Is this related to the "Port 80" possibly not being open? Have I missed a crucial step? Is there a better guide than the TiPB one (tipb.com/2010/10/28/save-shsh-blobs-tinyumbrella-jailbreak/")?

    I'm sure the change from .6 to .7 isn't huge so I'm in no hurry to get this done. But I'd like to know what I'm doing before the next major update.

    Thanks for any help and sorry if I've missed something, I've spent the last 2 hours searching and couldn't find an answer that solved the issue.
    04-21-2011 08:45 PM