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    iPhone 3g 8 Gig. Parts Are Broken

    Outer glass is in really good condition. 1 small scratch on the bottom hardly noticeable.

    Home button is fully functional but has slight scratch on it.

    Phone function was tested and works

    Back black cover is in decent condition with average wear.

    Vibrate/silent button works as should

    headphone jack works

    speakers work

    camera works

    I did run an unlocking application, however I can not guarantee that it will work unlocked. I would suggest fixing it and then update to the latest firmware and then re-unlock the iPhone.

    LCD has a horizontal line across the middle of the screen. It does not seam to affect the touch sensitivity in anyway.

    The volume button is missing however it still works if you press inside where the button used to lay.

    The power button does not work

    If the iphone is plugged into a PC it works & shows all apps etc, however when you unplug the iPhone from the PC it goes into a loop that only shows the apple logo.
    04-20-2011 11:27 PM