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    Really peed off to find I can't get the themes and other stuff that I REALLY wanted. My iPhone4 shipped with 4.2.1 software so I can't roll back. Been waiting ages for this untethered JB to come out so I could get my favorite themes back like my last phone but most aren't working.

    I really love the theme that DOES work, which is called "Imamess".

    Now what I'm desperate for is a version of Blue Fire Battery (charging battery logo) that works (or am I simply doing something wrong).

    I also want a nice slider button that will look good with a rainbow text gleam customised text. I'm sure a tutorial will tell me how to customise the text writing but I don't want to make my own rainbow text colouring. I liked this one (won't let me post links yet so it's on youtube then v=Pq6bGEjkfoo&feature YouTube - How to Change The Color Of your Slider Text On Your iPod Touch or iPhone - Change "slide to unlock") but when I emailed the guy to ask how to make it work (or why I couldn't even find it on Cydia) he said that if I'm over 4.0.1 then 'apple has patched it'. Does anyone know something similar that will work on my setup?

    Also when it comes to customising text, most apps just say "ssh it". I'm a bit of a n00b at this. How do I extract an SSH and put it back after I've editted it?
    04-02-2011 05:27 AM