1. BLiNK's Avatar
    New Version of Mobile Substrate Adds ASLR Support

    If youre one of the early birds who decided to jailbreak their iOS 4.3 firmware without proper Mobile Substrate support, we have good news for you.

    A patched version of Mobile Substrate is available that reportedly addresses the issues with ASLR.

    As youre aware, the current version of Mobile Substrate doesnt work with iOS 4.3, rendering many of our favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks inoperable on Apples latest firmware

    Of course if you decided to jailbreak your iPhone with iOS 4.3, you had fair warning beforehand that such issues would occur. Im pretty sure well hear more about this directly from Saurik in the near future.

    This updated version of Mobile Substrate can be downloaded via your iPhone here http://apt.saurik.com/debs/mobilesub...honeos-arm.deb, and opened and installed with iFile.
    personally i'm in no hurry. 4.3 has nothing that great to offer so it makes waiting on Apple to fix the bugs, and the Dev team to work their magic, painless
    03-15-2011 08:37 PM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    No hurry on my end either, but this is great news anyway. I was never clear on how long it might take to make Mobile Substrate compatible with 4.3.
    03-15-2011 08:42 PM
  3. BLiNK's Avatar
    good news indeed. i think it's still in the testing stages but i imagine it should be rolled out when 4.3.1 is out, as well as Cydia 1.1

    Massie, i'm sure you probably go here as well but iPhone Download Blog has some really good info and up to the minute for the jailbreak community. Sebastien Page (SebastienPage) on Twitter should be followed, if not already

    the article i posted above has been out for a while.. today. old news i guess
    03-15-2011 09:02 PM