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    Hello i am new to this site, i just got my iPhone 3g yesterday and have already begun trying to jailbreak it with no success....i have jailbroken my iPhone Touch before with success. But i tried using greenpoison and its not working correctly.....is there another program i can use? am i doing something wrong? Please bare with me
    03-15-2011 02:27 PM
  2. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Are you on Windows or a Mac? Which firmware are you trying to JB to? IMO anything beyond 3.1.3 on a 3G is not a fun experience. The Greenpois0n tool is for 3Gs and iPhone 4, you have to use Redsn0w. You can find instructions here, it is not a tethered JB for the 3G. I might be wrong it's been years since I JB a 3G but I'm pretty sure I'm right.
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    03-15-2011 03:28 PM
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    i am running firmware 4.2.1 with baseband 05.15.04.....and using windows 7
    03-15-2011 04:29 PM
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    I left you the link try it and let us know what happens.
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    03-15-2011 04:31 PM
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    thanks man everything ended up working out great.....but now the phone is running slow as ever, what can i do to speed it up? i dont even really have any apps on here yet except cydia and twitter....it makes me not want to download more if the phone is jus going to run slower
    03-16-2011 02:03 AM
  6. Massie's Avatar
    If I were you I'd definitely look into downgrading to 3.1.2 or 3.1.3. Using 4.x on a 3G is really asking for lag, and a lot of the features of 4.x you can get via jailbreaking the faster 3.x firmwares.
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    03-16-2011 02:20 AM
  7. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I also agree with Massie like I said originally anything beyond 3.1.3 on a 3G means you'll have to put up with the lag. Did you enable any of the things in the JB? Multi-tasking, Wallpaper if you did redo the JB and don't enable any of them. If you want to have your wallpaper use Winterboard.
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    03-16-2011 06:51 AM
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    how can i downgrade from 4.2.1 after ive already jailbroke? i didnt think i would be able to because im on the iPad baseband now 6.15......and also i was afraid i wouldnt get alot of features by downgrading the firmware?
    03-16-2011 02:39 PM
  9. big9erfan's Avatar
    IIRC, the 3G didn't use SHSH blobs for anything before iOS 4.0 ( and even with 4.0 it was a different kind of SHSH blob than something like the 3GS or the 4 ). You should be able to restore to 3.1.3 and have it work, though you'll definitely get an error restoring since you'll have a newer baseband version and that cannot be downgraded. You'll have to work out those errors ( use iRecovery I think to kick out of restore mode ) but the downgrade SHOULD work.
    03-16-2011 03:32 PM