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    Anywhere Artist debuts a new iPhone/iPad app platform designed to allow artists, established or new to the music scene, to promote themselves to over 160 million iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users worldwide.

    Anywhere Artist is not merely a "media kit", but a complete social network of artists. With Anywhere Artist's "Discover" feature, every artist's app cross-promotes itself with every other Anywhere Artist app. What this means is that artists will no longer have simply their fan base, but the fan base of every artist that is part of the service. Listeners find more great music; artists get discovered. A win-win.

    Anywhere Artist offers an easy, FREE, ad-supported alternative that puts the daily updating of news, photos, videos, etc. directly under the artist's control. Each app is completely in the artist's hands to build and customize with the easy-to-use Anywhere Artist Portal.

    Unlike all other musician iOS app services, there are no required expenses or commitments, PERIOD. App development and use are completely free. Another advantage to the Anywhere Artist platform is that fans will be able to listen to music anywhere in the world, with or without an Internet connection. No more frustrated listeners deleting an artist's app because it doesnít work where there is poor service.

    Screenshots and descriptions of the customizable app can be found on the 'Explore' page of anywhereartist.com and examples can be viewed in the 'Anywhere Artists' section.

    Anywhere Artist apps are fully customizable. All of the app background images, as well as the Navigation bar and start-up screen, artist biography/social links/contact information, music, photos, videos, and news entries.

    Artists can easily add or remove Flickr photos, YouTube videos, twitter entries, official news, shows, and press articles with commonly used services.

    Anywhere Artist is able to provide this service FREE because it does not rely on massive server farms to stream music to listeners. Artist's music, initial photos, and basic information is securely built directly into the app. Operating costs are offset by discreet in-app advertising with the iAd platform. Artists do not receive compensation (royalties, commission, etc.) but the app will serve as a tool to allow fans to purchase their songs from the iTunes Music Store, link to tickets, and order merchandise from their online store. This can ultimately become a great revenue source for the artist. Quite simply, instead of paying hundreds to thousands of dollars a month with other services that also do not pay royalties, artists get a FREE service in exchange for a single small ad at the top of their app.

    The Anywhere Artist service also helps to promote artists with its centralized 'Discover' feature. Artist's apps will automatically be promoted to listeners of every other Anywhere Artist app. This allows all of the current signed artists to help each other's apps be found and downloaded. This ultimately will greatly help all of the artists' apps succeed.

    Although not entirely necessary, to get the most out of the service, artists should have high-quality music that can be purchased through the app on the iTunes Store, an existing twitter account, and optional YouTube playlist of your videos, Facebook fan page, ArtistData.com feeds, website, store, and mailing list.

    More details can be found at:

    The sample 'James Cahall' app can be downloaded at:
    03-11-2011 02:53 AM