1. nillam1's Avatar
    I've only found the "Music Dock" app as an alternative, it's ok but has no recording & it does not work for me on 3G, only on wifi. I have Pocket Tunes, Ootunes & Wunder Radio, does anyone know if any of these 3 apps or any other's plan on releasing an add on or fix for this stupid flash stand-off? Or is there another app or way to get U.S. SiriusXM, recording & over 3G? (In Canada BTW & besides using the free SiriusXM app) My iPhones are both Jailbroken, so I have access to any & all apps/tweaks available, except the U.S. appstore & U.S. SiriusXM app. ANYONE, please let me know how you are getting around this? Thanks, in advance!
    03-09-2011 06:32 PM