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    and first post amongst you all -- that, of course, excluding the iPad contest requirement.

    In the mere hours before iTouched the pod, apparently, too carelessly, I found myself in an interesting dilemma: my iPoD was frozen solid, neither reboot nor recovery mode did a thing for me. I searched the internet for answers, frantic that I might be witnessing the slow death of my new-found device, and I'd only just finally jail broken it. Finally I was witnessing what it means to jailbreak an iPoD Touch, (and for the record, personally -- with or without an hdmi-out -- I don't think the Xoom can even come close to touching the iPad2,) but there seemed no solutions too a pretty widespread occurrence. I figured, if I kept checking different sites with the same dilemma, somewhere some unix-savvy developer would come forward with a solution (other than, too bad you jailbroke it: that voids the warranty.) Jesus, I bought my touch from a third-party friend that I didn't even know very well; for all I know the damn thing was stolen, so there's no way I'm bringing this baby ANYWHERE NEAR the apples in your choice supermarket, much less -- as if I could afford it anyway.

    Long story short, not only was I without a solution, but I wasn't even sure of the catalyst. Not only was it frozen, giving me nothing but my choice of blank-screen or a rotten little apple, but itunes wasn't having NOTHING to do with it, ya feel my lingo?

    So, what I think caused it was the fact that I jail-broke and tethered it with redsnow, and then rebroke it with greenpoison. I could be completely wrong, and maybe it was old and tired. All the same, I see no reason not to skip the first half.

    I never did find a solution last night, and despite the fact that I'm pretty confident I would have found it myself in due time, if no one else stepped in, it doesn't matter now, because the screen is damn shattered. lol good day.
    03-08-2011 11:09 AM
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    You confuzzed it's little brain!
    03-08-2011 09:23 PM