1. crags9's Avatar
    Hello all! This is my first post, but have been lurking for quite some time. Basically ever since the Verizon iPhone 4 announcement came out.

    Anyways, I completely love my iPhone and recently jailbroke it and love it even more. Currently, I only have MyWi, My3G & SBSettings downloaded from Cydia. I've got to admit, being able to FaceTime in the car to see my wife and daughter is pretty awesome. And using my phone as a mobile hotspot for my WiFi only iPad is remarkable.

    My question for everyone is this. Does anyone use My3G for anything other than Facetime? Just really curious more than anything. I'm still searching for more jailbreak apps out there. I will probably go with LockInfo next. Anyways, thanks for any responses. I have learned an awful lot from these threads.

    Thanks again!
    03-08-2011 10:25 AM
  2. vietalogy's Avatar
    I really only use it for FaceTime and YouTube.

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    03-08-2011 10:36 AM
  3. BLiNK's Avatar
    it also will allow you to download app store apps that are over 10mb w/o the need of wifi. who does that on a consistent basis? nobody

    just curious, how is the video & audio quality for you when you facetime on the go? my experience, so far, has not been so great
    03-09-2011 10:24 AM
  4. crags9's Avatar
    The first couple of times that I used the Facetime over My3G the quality was pretty good. But just yesterday I tried it on 2 separate occasions and it was terrible. The video kept freezing and the audio was cutting in & out. Not sure if I was just in a bad area or if there are other apps like My3G that do a better job.
    03-09-2011 10:28 AM
  5. aggieastrosfan's Avatar
    I've thought about getting it for the U-Verse app - you can only download shows from their library over wifi. But I know it doesn't work for every app, so I'm still debating.
    03-09-2011 11:47 AM
  6. JasonG's Avatar
    I've got to admit, being able to FaceTime in the car to see my wife and daughter is pretty awesome.
    keep doing it and you or someone else might never see their wife and daughter ever again. your an accident waiting to happen with that habit
    03-09-2011 11:59 AM