1. nies's Avatar
    I'm trying to add a theme via netatalk but when I get to the part of switching the package to a .theme and dragging it into the theme folder it says I don't have sufficient write privileges, anyone know how to fix this?
    03-05-2011 06:00 PM
  2. Fausty82's Avatar
    I don't know what netatalk is... I have a Mac and use Cyberduck... try any decent FTP program for Windows if that's your bend.
    03-05-2011 06:08 PM
  3. nies's Avatar
    I'm using a Mac and netatalk is like ssh
    03-05-2011 06:18 PM
  4. Massie's Avatar
    Try using DiskAid or Cyberduck.
    03-05-2011 06:29 PM
  5. nies's Avatar
    How do you use those?
    03-05-2011 06:57 PM
  6. Ipheuria's Avatar
    You can use Cyberduck, YummyFTP, even try Firefox with the FireFTP plugin installed. You just need to put your iPhone on Wifi and then put the IP Adress in to the FTP client and set it to SFTP. Then connect with your password.
    03-05-2011 07:46 PM