1. Audi28's Avatar
    i used green poison to jailbrake my phone 5.4 version it it worked but alot of apps wont work on the phone i cant change my banner or anything like that mike it mine wont work and alot others what can i do?
    03-02-2011 04:04 PM
  2. touchyphone's Avatar
    You'll have to wait for the devs to update those apps to work with 4.2.1 unfrotunately.
    03-03-2011 07:02 PM
  3. Ipheuria's Avatar
    You need to make a list of the apps that don't work because MakeitMine doesn't work with iOS 4 you need to use Fake Carrier. You may still have to redo the JB if you have other problems. Lets start with the apps that don't work?
    03-03-2011 07:15 PM