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    Hi All

    I am newbie as I have just joined this great forum and I look forward to meeting and talking to you all.

    I have a 4th Generation iPod Touch which I have only just restored to factory settings as I would love to jailbreak it because of getting all the perks from it e.g. free apps which you are supposed to pay for and of course create loads of user accounts on my favourite game Original Gangstaz.

    The computer OS that I have got is a Windows 7 one. I have been doing some research on jailbreaking and I was talking to a mate on Original Gangstaz and he advised me to jailbreak my iPod Touch using Redsn0w but when I searched for it on google I found a website on there which said that it does not do untethered jailbreak which means that the jailbreak needs to be reapplied every time I power down my iPod touch and also if I let the battery run out or restart my iPod touch and then I will need to reapply the jailbreak by connecting to my computer (tethering).

    Has Redsn0w released their Redsn0w 0.9.7b1 that implements the “backup plan” for iOS 4.2.1 untethered jailbreak yet or is it still in its beta stages? Or would you recommend a better jailbreaking software?

    It would be very much appreciated if someone could take me through the processes of jailbreaking my iPod Touch and also give me some good tips especially when it comes to using Cydia and Udid please. If you think you can help me please reply to my comment as I will be on here until I get a reply, cheers all.

    Kind Regards,

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    There are untethered JB Tools for 4.2. You're on Windows so I would say use Greenpois0n to JB. You should search and read some of the threads to see what the possible problems are and how to deal with them. I don't know about the JBing to run apps without paying for them, pirating talk is not tolerated here. The cost of apps are super *** cheap so really why does anyone even run cracked apps? this is a rhetorical question there is no answer besides don't do it.
    03-01-2011 11:09 PM
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    Hey Ipheuria

    Many thanks for replying to my thread mate. Already I am having troubles with GreenPois0n to jailbreak my iPod Touch 4th Gen it downloads okay but when I open the zip folder within WinZip I keep on getting this message “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be valid archive. If you downloaded this file, try downloading the file again.” Which I did but I get the same result.

    Is there another type of software which is able to read the GreenPois0n Zip Folder rather than WinZip? Thanks for the advice on reading up about the possible problems with GreenPois0n and how to deal with them. I did read a thread on here which described that the Windows version of GreenPois0n was not active yet would this be why I am unable to open up the Zip Folder?

    I don't know about the JBing to run apps without paying for them, pirating talk is not tolerated here.
    They were just rumours that I read on the Original Gangstaz Bullettin about being able to Jailbreak to run apps without paying for them but I agree pirating talk should not be tolerated here and I also agree that The cost of apps are super *** cheap but I suppose there are a few who are cheap skates and just want to see if they are able to do it. But personally I buy all of my apps as I am not a cheap skate lol but enough said about that topic.
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    I have successfully downloaded another Zip Reader and this time it unzipped it onto my computer then I opened up properties and went into compatibility mode and selected Windows XP Service Pack 2 and clicked the box: run this programme as the administrator but still I have a message come up saying “greenpois0n.exe is not a valid Win32 Application” so I am getting closer lol, so now what do I do hmmmm?? I am out of ideas
    03-02-2011 08:30 AM
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    Hey peeps

    I did have another idea after all and figured out what the problem was apart from downloading another Zip Folder reader called PK ZIP, SECURE ZIP from Pkware inc. Brain storming was the key and I thought hang on a minute I am using Internet Explorer 8 to download and run GreenPois0n and to be honest these days Internet Explorer is not exactly a web standard browser anymore and luckily I had FireFox browser installed on my laptop so I went onto that opened up GreenPois0n’s website clicked on windows and hey presto it downloaded and ran the jailbreaking software so as they say the rest was history and I successfully jail broke my iPod Touch 4th Gen with no problems what so even and it only took about 10 minutes to go through the process and I also managed to download and run Cydia.

    Using Cydia is now my next Mount Everest to climb as it is now asking me to choose one of the few options e.g. User: Apps, Tweaks and Themes. Hacker: Adds Command Line tools. Or Developer: Everything. Even scary internal stuff.

    I just don’t know which one to choose from but I would like to hack Original Gangstaz to create loads of user accounts so I can have one as a diss, another one as an attack and killer and another one which spams peoples comment pages to get rid of links. Any ideas to which one I should choose from?

    Until I get a response I suppose I will need to do some Cydia research on this great useful forum, wish me luck.
    03-02-2011 10:24 AM
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    I'm glad to hear you got Greenpois0n working. I'm sorry I didn't reply to your other replies I didn't know you had updated the thread. You should choose User in Cydia, the different choices are according to how you want to use Cydia. The Original Gangstaz thing I don't know about because I've never used the app, so maybe search the forums or wait for someone to post.
    03-02-2011 08:30 PM
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