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    I have searched and searched and cannot seem to find the right answer to the below, any help would be apprciated.

    I had a JB iphone 3G that I bought many a Cydia App on. I have since bought a iPhone 4 and want to sell my 3G JB and Unlocked. Before I sold it I decieded to test to see if my purchases would show up on my erased-all-settings-restored-from-new-through-iTunes iPhone 3G. Lo and behold, I could JB again and downloaded 3 purchased apps without signing into Cydia.

    I am concerned as I want to sell my 3G on craigslists, protect myself from the person I sell the phone to using my purchased apps AND, eventually, I will want to JB my iPhone 4, and use those apps I already purchased.

    I have the same phone number on my 4 that I had on my 3G.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    02-26-2011 07:22 PM
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    OK so you restored the phone through iTunes and when it asked you if you wanted to restore from a backup you set it up as a new phone? When you go into Cydia and try to buy something does it ask you for any information or does it just go through with the purchase?
    02-26-2011 09:52 PM
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    Actually, I erased and reset all settings, then restored as new, jailbroke using redsnow, when complete open cydia and downloaded 3 paid for apps ("officially purchased")...no log in to cydia, nothing.

    I never log into cydia, it seemingly always remembers what I have "officially purchased" those apps.

    02-26-2011 10:14 PM
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    I'm going to go into Cydia and see what happens on my phone.

    OK halfway down the first page of Cydia it says login to accounts and you can login with Google or Facebook is yoirs logged in? If not then I really don't know my advice would be to email the support for Cydia or the developer and ask them the question. Whatever you do post here to help future peeps asking the same thing.
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    02-27-2011 12:14 AM
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    Thanks for getting back to me, appreciate it.

    When I originally erased my phone, restored from new, JBed, opened Cydia and searched for apps that I know I bought, the came back as Officially Purchased, and I was able to download them--no signing in, no nothing.

    I will contact Cydia Support and one of the apps that lets me download for free and repost what I find.

    02-27-2011 02:03 PM
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    If I'm not mistaken, some apps are tied to your particular device ID number wherein you aren't required to sign in. This is the case with BiteSMS. I would suggest you jailbreak your iPhone 4 and reinstall your apps so it can reassign them to your new device. For those apps that don't automatically register it, contact the developer. Then restore the 3G as new and redo everything you've done and I bet you they will no longer download without asking for a purchase. I did this before I gave my old 3G to my nephew.
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    02-27-2011 03:17 PM
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    You have to email saurik to have it disassociated... Or just don't worry about it as it doesn't really reveal any info about you...
    02-27-2011 03:55 PM
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    You can link multiple devices to a cydia account, and a device can be linked to multiple cydia accounts... Your buyer won't "use up" a license and prevent you from using it.
    02-27-2011 03:56 PM
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    I'm glad some other people more knowledgable than me jumped in good luck.
    02-27-2011 07:34 PM
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    Thunder and Watcher, thanks...that helps explain it to me.

    I got myself in a bit of a fit thinking, well if they can use my purchases, then they must have some access to my account.

    I will look into JBing my iPhone4.

    02-28-2011 11:02 AM