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    There has been some vague information regarding Bluetooth connection issues with iOS 4.2.1 and the GreenPois0n jailbreak.

    I wanted to offer my observations.

    I am currently running (testing) the following Bluetooth headsets with my iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2.1 GreenPois0n):

    - Motorola Finiti (A2DP)
    - BlueAnt Q2 (A2DP)
    - Motorola H17 (non-A2DP)
    - Blackberry HS-500 (A2DP)

    My main useage for the headsets is speaking while driving in addition to listening to podcasts/music.

    Apps used in testing:

    Voice Control (built in)
    iPod music app (built in)
    Podcaster app 3.6.3
    TuneIn app
    SBSettings 3.21 (Cydia)
    VoiceActivator 1.0 (Cydia)

    All of the above headsets connect properly to my iPhone. Range is about 10-12 ft on average for all. What is interesting is that the Motorola H17 headset is a non-A2DP version, yet music/podcasts still stream to it properly.

    Both Motorolas have an issue with the Iphone in that the Bluetooth must be toggled off first on the phone (e.g., via a SBSettings toogle) before physically turning off the headset, otherwise, the headset will become "locked" and cease to connect without placing them on a charge cable to "reset" them. This is a Motorola issue and not an Iphone or iOS issue I believe.

    Generally speaking, I find Bluetooth connectivity and sound quality, better in iOS 4.2.1 vs 4.1.

    I hope this helps.
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