1. nitsuj's Avatar
    Just wanted to throw this out there for others who are like me and never owned an iPhone and never dealt with a Jailbreak. I was on the fence. Worried I might screw something up. I read over all the instructions here and followed watched a video on Youtube. Followed the simple onscreen instructions and boom, it's jailbroke. It was very easy.

    Just thought I'd share that.
    02-12-2011 02:31 PM
  2. buzzdar#WN's Avatar
    I was the same way I read every thing I could before I got my vzw iPhone and I got it and i did it was more easy than I ever thought that's for sure. Now I can do any thing with this phone. It's awesome. More so now than before.
    02-12-2011 02:48 PM
  3. nitsuj's Avatar
    The only thing I'm not 100% crazy about is that it makes me reboot after every thing I download from Cydia. Not a huge deal I guess. But it's a little bit of a hassle.
    02-12-2011 03:07 PM
  4. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Good on you guys I wish all JB N00bs would do that, read up on all the steps and know what they're doing before they start.
    02-12-2011 06:22 PM
  5. kch50428's Avatar
    Good on you guys I wish all JB N00bs would do that, read up on all the steps and know what they're doing before they start.
    I'm still reading up on Winterboard...
    02-12-2011 06:37 PM
  6. Rooster3.0's Avatar
    I just did mine too. It's great. Easy to do too.
    02-12-2011 07:18 PM
  7. Eick1967's Avatar
    Well, I guess there is hope for me yet then .... I am terrified of this. All of these terms are like a foreign language to me. I will read up and watch everything I can before I try.
    02-12-2011 10:54 PM
  8. nitsuj's Avatar
    Don't sweat the actual act of Jailbreaking. Greenpoison walks you right through it, tells you what to push and even give you a count down timer. Go to Youtube and watch a couple JB vids. Make sure you search for iPhone 4 JB vids with Greenpoison. I think the guy who did the one I watched was named "TysiPhonehelp" or something similar. I'd post a link, but I don't know what the forum rules are about links.

    Jailbreaking is easy. Once it's jailbroke, you then need to learn all about how to tweak everything. That's where I am now.
    02-12-2011 11:19 PM
  9. RobbyRob's Avatar
    I just jailbroke my iPhone today and I must say I spent about 20 bucks in Cydia but with my current setup now I don't miss my Evo at all...
    02-12-2011 11:34 PM
  10. Dougkb45's Avatar
    Just jailbroke my Verizon I4 also, This was as easy as rooting my Incredible. The only thing I am not totally clear on is how our SHSH blobs are actually used. I did save my BLOBs with tiny umbrella also just in case.
    02-13-2011 08:39 AM