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    I tried to Jailbreak my VZW Iphone last night and I had success for except when I tried to load Cydia. It took a long time and so I "minimized" it and just checked Facebook and came back after awhile and it was no where to be found so I reset my Iphone and when I turned it back on I had all of my downloaded Apps, however, I was missing Appstore, Contacts, Camera, Compass, Calendar, and a few others. However, everything else was working fine. So I am restored it.

    I was also missing Loader and Cydia altogether.

    I just didn't know if after Jailbreaking my homescreen woudld change or some apps are just supposed to disappear?

    I am fairly new to iPhones so if anyone knows what happened and what to do next time, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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