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    I have jailbroken my verizon iphone. I'm a newbie at this. I downloaded winterboard, and have user wallpaper enabled. I downloaded some promising looking wallpapers from cydia, but I cannot find them on the phone. I looked in settings/wallpaper and in winterboard's settings but I can't find them. Among the wallpaper batches I downloaded were angelical abstract, around the color wheel, and "is it nature." I assume that wallpapers can be used independently of a theme, so how do I find them on the phone?

    edit: Poking around on the web, I noticed others with this problem, but no solution. I found where the cydia wallpapers are in the file system. They're in /var/stash/wallpaper.jUylob/ . But I still can't access them. I noticed a few things while poking around with a file viewer.

    The default wallpapers are in a subfolder there called iphone. Each of those wallpapers has three files: the wallpaper and two thumbnail files. And all of the files are in png format. The cydia wallpapers, on the other hand, are a mix of png and jpgs, and none come with thumbnail files. The file viewer renders the pngs but not the jpgs. So here are my questions in light of this:

    1a) Is the lack of thumbs the reason for the missing wallpapers?

    1b) Can I set or view the wallpaper from the GUI even without having the thumbs to work with?

    2) Can the iphone use jpg wallpaper?

    3) If the wallpaper needs to move down a folder, how do I move the files there?

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    I'll answer my own question in case anyone else has the problem. It's a kludgy solution but it works. Use iphone explorer to download the wallpaper files to your computer. Put all the files in a directory of their own. Then go to the photo tab on your phone in itunes and set itunes to sync that folder. These files become their own album on your phone, and then you can choose one to be your wallpaper. Then, to save space on the phone, delete the packages from cydia because you're not using those copies any more.

    A big waste of time and it looks like this is the procedure every time I download a new wallpaper set from cydia. I don't know why the installers on cydia don't plop new wallpaper into a photo album and save the trouble.

    If anyone knows a better solution, I'm eager to hear it.
    02-09-2011 02:26 PM
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    personally i do not use Cydia for my wallpaper needs, unless i find one from a theme that i like. in which i would download the theme and make a copy of their wallpaper, then delete the theme

    otherwise, i search google on my device and download to my photo app.. from there you can add the wallpaper to your lockscreen, homescreen or both

    also, there are some pretty cool HD Wallpaper apps in the App Store you can look through
    02-09-2011 05:10 PM