1. Aeglenzer's Avatar
    I am fairly new to the jailbreak world ! I had my 3GS jailbroken before the iPhone 4 I now have and now want to jailbreak it ! The question I have is all the Apps that I bought when I had the 3GS jail broken will I have to repurchase again or is it just like the Apps from Apple that know when you re download them that you already paid for them ?
    Thanks Arnold
    02-05-2011 09:05 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    You have to sign into Cydia, and depending on how long ago you were jailbroken and which version of Cydia it was, you shouldn't have to repurchase. When I jailbroke yesterday and went into Cydia, it gave me a list of my purchased apps.
    02-05-2011 10:03 PM
  3. Aeglenzer's Avatar
    It was in the spring of 2010. Thanks for the help!
    02-05-2011 10:23 PM