1. anon(4692575)'s Avatar
    I'm currently working on a Windows Phone 7 theme for iPhone 4 and I can't make the icons any other size than the default.

    If I put the icons in an "Icons" folder and name them for example Safari.png then they do show up, but only pixelated (for example I want to make a 220x220 icon but Winterboard doubles its size) because WB thinks its an iPhone 3G(S).

    If I put the icon in "Bundles" and then "com.apple.mobilesafari" and name it "icon@2x.png" it shows up in normal icon size (114x114) instead of 220x220. Anyone knows how to make it show up in its original resolution without getting double-sized or shrinked? If not I can't make the theme and you won't have a beautiful HD theme on your phones!
    02-04-2011 04:24 AM