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    I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.1. I have done some research and though about jailbreaking with the redsnow tethered jailbreak but I had some questions.
    1. What happens if I restate my phone and it's not connected to redsnow. Will everything get erased?
    2. If I had apps after I jailbreak and I decide to unjailbreak it what do I have to do and will everything I downloaded both before and after the jailbreak go away?
    3. Is there a risk of anything happening to my phone if I jailbreak? I don't want to add tons of stuff to it. Mainly doing it for MiWi. If something did happen what would it be?

    If there is anyone who can answer these questions I would appreciate it.
    01-14-2011 04:40 PM
  2. mdpatsfan's Avatar
    1 If you restart your phone and not tethered, the apple logo will come up and stay their till you reboot with redsn0w. Nothing will get erased.

    2 If you decide to unjailbreak you will need to restore you phone with Itunes. You will only loose your jailbreak apps. Before you restore you phone sync to Itunes and you will not loose your apps (before or after jailbreak) from the app store.

    3 There is always a risk when jailbreaking. In my experience with jailbreaking, I have not had any issues. Now with that said I did have a hard time the last time I restored my phone on redsn0w. It just took many attempts to restore. I'm sure it was something I was or wasn't doing. I don't add custom repos. I just add what I see on reliable sites like TiBp and read up on things I might want to add. The worse thing that could happen to your phone is brick it.

    Hope this helps!
    01-14-2011 11:08 PM
  3. Ipheuria's Avatar
    A jailbreak is not something you add to the firmware(OS) it is the firmware just a modified version that allows you to do things the stock firmware wont like themes, browsing the file system. So like mdpatsfan said you wont lose any apps you had before the jailbreak as long as you've synced to iTunes so they are there. The phone will buy apps, sync to iTunes just like any other phone. If you decide to reload the firmware to remove the JB then the JB apps and customization will be gone. When you jailbreak there is only risk because it allows you to do things you couldn't with the Apple firmware like deleting system files. If you plan to only use Miwi then that will be the only change. On my previous iPhones I was JBen for 3 years straight no problems more than any other iPhone user. If you do have a problem the most important thing is not to panic and try everything you can think of just ask here and wait for some answers.
    01-15-2011 09:20 AM
  4. Awylly1's Avatar
    Yeah both of those responses help a lot. I have another question though that came up after reading your response mdpatsfan. What does it mean for it to be "bricked" and how can you fix that?
    01-15-2011 11:16 AM
  5. vietalogy's Avatar
    Yeah both of those responses help a lot. I have another question though that came up after reading your response mdpatsfan. What does it mean for it to be "bricked" and how can you fix that?
    Bricked = an expensive paper weight.

    iPhone Tapatalk
    01-15-2011 12:23 PM
  6. Ipheuria's Avatar
    The iPhone hasn't been able to be bricked sine the iPhone 3G so I wouldn't worry about that. In the worste case now if your phone is not responsive or wont boot then you could just reload the Apple official firmware. If you weren't able to do that then you would return it for a replacement phone as long as it's still under warranty. I know you'll ask no Apple wont be able to tell you JB the phone. The JB is a software based one so if the phone wont boot they wont be able to tell no more than you can.
    01-15-2011 03:18 PM
  7. mdpatsfan's Avatar
    Happy to help, Vietalogy and Ipheuria answered the question. Hope all your questions are answered.
    01-15-2011 09:37 PM

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