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    Hey all. I'm upgrading my AT&T plan & getting a iPhone 4 because I'm eligible for the rebate. That's gonna leave me with my iPhone 3GS. I payed full retail for it in July 09 at $600 so I don't want to get rid of it as it's still good to me. But I use my phone ALOT. So I want to have a cheap pay as you go plan for the iPhone 3GS. To talk & text. I see an unlock would be most likely.

    To make the question easier. What are my options with a pay as you go plan that doesn't involve AT&T. This is just a backup phone since I cant get a full day out of a battery. Just something that gets the phone working with text & talk.

    How I am on my phone includes 2500-3000 text messages a month. 30 min to 4 hours of netflix movies a day and 30 min to 2 hours of Internet a day, including you tube music thru my car stereo and of course iPod.

    Thanks in advance
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    Im not sure that there is anything out there for you like this.
    01-10-2011 12:38 PM