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    I've searched the forum but can't find anything that matches what I'm experiencing. Guess I don't have the right key words or whatever.

    Anyway, I have an iPhone 4. Yesterday, I updated a couple of apps on Cydia which conflicted with others, and before I knew it, it screwed up my iPhone pop-ups. (notifications, messages, e-mails, the works). So I went to restore today, and like a retard , I accidentally updated to 4.2.1. (i do all this at work, so I was barely paying attention.)

    I know the jailbreak is sketchy at best for 4.2.1, but it seems possible. I have the phone jailbroken, and everything seems to work, but whenever I go to open Cydia, it fails. I did some searching and found that I just need to run my phone through redsn0w and choose to "Just boot tethered right now". When I do that, my iPhone reboots...you see the Pwnapple icon pop up, then my phone seems to just sit in a loop of respringing. you never get to the iOS, just the boot screen.

    Has anyone had this issue and fix it yet?
    12-02-2010 02:49 PM