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    Hoping someone out there can help clarify something for me?!

    I've just bought a brand new iPad running 3.2.2 and obviously it's not jailbroken. I'm looking to upgrade it as far as possible and also to jailbreak it. I've read a few posts and sites on the web that told me to download TinyUmbrella and backup SHSH blobs. I've done this and it backed up 3.2.2 and 4.2b3 blobs.

    My question is - Is it now safe for me to use iTunes to upgrade to 4.2.1 and be able to jailbreak it afterwards? If what I've read is correct I should be able to jailbreak it tethered but not untethered as of yet. Is there anything else I need to do to allow me to use any future untethered jailbreak as and when they are released?

    Really appreciate any help!

    Thanks in advance

    11-26-2010 07:56 PM
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    Anyone out there that can help?
    11-27-2010 10:38 AM
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    Right now, your safest bet is to wait until an official 4.2 jailbreak is released.
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    11-27-2010 10:55 AM
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    Thanks Alli, will do. Have we any news on when that's likely to be? I've read a few places that say 'soon' but nothing more concrete
    11-27-2010 11:03 AM
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    No one knows except the DevTeam. Don't JB now, your JB will have to be tethered (ie you have to have it plugged into your computer EVERY time you reboot your iPad to enter the JB state, or else you will go into recovery mode every time) PLUS Cydia is not 4.2.1 compatible yet.
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    11-28-2010 01:01 AM