1. aklass2004's Avatar
    My Phone Iphone 3gs ios4.0 firmware 05.15.04
    it cant detect sim card, and there is a padlock sign on the screen
    what do I do now in order to use with any simcard I choose.
    Do I jail break it or Unluck it and how do i DO IT?
    11-09-2010 03:05 AM
  2. myzhi's Avatar
    Currently, you cant unlock 5.1.5 Baseband. Need to use carrier sim card the phone is lock to. Was the phone updated to 4.2, and then, downgraded to 4.0? Note, while you can downgrade the firmware, you can not with the Baseband. And, you can JB 4.0 with Limera1n or Jailbreakme.com.
    11-09-2010 04:41 AM
  3. aklass2004's Avatar
    Yes I did downgrade from 4.2. I will like to know when it will be possible to jailbreak & unluck 05.15.04?
    11-09-2010 05:04 AM
  4. myzhi's Avatar
    Latest rumor for new unlock is shortly after 4.2 officially gets release. That's the best you are going to get. You just have to wait and see like everyone else. Next time, don't update right away until JB and unlock is available.
    11-09-2010 05:23 AM