1. meno's Avatar
    Hi, I was wondering does anyone know how to get just the "HTC clock widget" without having to go through the ssh process and that works with the iphone 4 retina display?

    I'm not going for any theme change, but just a simple htc clock on the front page and a calendar widget under that. Is that possible? Does anyone have any pictures. I've seen pictures of calendar widgets for the lock screen, but I would prefer it in the front home page under the clock widget.

    Also I wanted to make sure, but to be able to install themes... you must have winterboard right? What's the difference between winter and spring board?

    I appreciate any recommendation!

    10-31-2010 03:17 AM
  2. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I DON't know about the clock and stuff but yes to do themes you need winterboard. The difference between winterboard and springboard is sprinboard is the interface of the iPhone winterboard is an app to chhange elements of the springboard.
    10-31-2010 11:47 AM