1. Raeki's Avatar
    Hi, I'm playing zenonia and wanted to have more files (I'm mostly finished all 4). Is there any way to install two copies of an app? I tried cracking it, and modifying some stuff, with no success lol. So anyways, I decided to ask here. Thanks very much in advance .

    Ps: this is unrelated, but I just thought of it so I thought i'd ask. My grandpa recently got a new iPad from hong kong. He usually gets scammed but whatever. anyways, once in a while, when he gets his passcode wrong on the first try, it disables it. There have been two incidents, the first time disabled 1 minute adn the second time disabled 5 minutes. I fear it'll keep going up. The incidents were seperate, and it was disabled after the initial and first entering of the code.

    10-30-2010 10:20 PM