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    Its a small issue, but when JB my home button doesnt always do what it is suppose to.

    sometimes when pressing it once it will act like im double clicking and bring up the switcher, if i double press it wont always register the second press.

    this happened with 4.01(jailbreakme.com) and 4.1(limera1n and gp both). im thinking its an activator issue, i THINK activator was installed with LockInfo and it never seems to get updated. is there another repo i should be getting this from for a more up to date version?

    or is it a dieing button? although it doesnt appear to be an issue when im not jailbroken.
    10-30-2010 12:16 PM
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    Sounds like you may be having a conflict with another app that trying to use the HOME button. Try looking in ACTIVATOR and see if more than one app is trying to use the home button. I haven't had any problems with LOCKINFO. Just for grins, try a reset, Hold down the HOME, bottom button, and the SLEEP, top button, for about 10 seconds until the Apple icon appears. Allow it to reboot, it may take a few minutes, don't panic like I did, wait for it to reboot. This just might cure your problem, if not then send "sirpreis" a note on this forum, he wrote it and I'm sure would be glad to help. He was on here, yesterday I think.
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    10-30-2010 02:39 PM
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    yeah i may have to do that.

    in 4.01 i would sometimes have to reset the settings back to default and reconfigure activator, but i was running multiflow back then. when i updated to 4.1 i didnt install multiflow because i thought it was to blame for the problem. but i guess its not to blame.

    i have these jb apps on my phone currently:

    safari download manager
    weather icon
    multitasking time
    and a few themes

    I dont know if any of those would cause issues with binding/function of the home key though

    but its only when im jb...heh maybe when 4.2 get broken and i update to it ill add the apps one at a time and see when the error comes up

    **well i reinstalled activator, and it seems better. maybe something got dorked up in the batch install as it installed with lockinfo and abunch of other stuff that installed at the same time.
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    10-30-2010 04:16 PM
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    it's not the JB it's the firmware. I have a vanilla iPhone 4 and it does the exact same thing it drives me nuts. I'm hoping they fix it in 4.2 or I'm getting my phone replaced.

    have you had the problem where double press takes you to search instead of app switcher?
    10-31-2010 11:59 AM