1. gman23's Avatar
    everytime I go to sync my iphone with itunes all my jb apps get deleted and I have to reinstall it after every sync . I dont think i changed anything is their a setting or something im doing wrong or can change ? Oh and im new to this sorry if this has been asked before .
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    10-19-2010 09:38 AM
  2. MAGNUS's Avatar
    Talk of Cracked Apps are frowned upon around these parts. Support the Developers and buy apps. Then you wont come across any issues.
    10-19-2010 09:40 AM
  3. gman23's Avatar
    thanks for the heads up. so no help though ... i meant jb apps .
    10-19-2010 10:03 AM
  4. swooshme's Avatar
    thanks for the heads up. so no help though ... i meant jb apps .
    10-19-2010 10:46 AM
  5. Slyfi's Avatar
    guys calm down im assuming he is asking for help with apps bought in cydia... there are a lot of people who associate JB apps with Cracked apps

    anyways i think in Cydia there is some setting to change.

    maybe Fardob will come looking around and help you out
    10-19-2010 01:34 PM
  6. Mustang5Oh's Avatar
    thanks for the heads up. so no help though ... i meant jb apps .

    If you are reffering to Cydia apps these should not get taken off after a sync in iTunes. If this is the case for you try doing a restore and rejailbreaking.
    10-19-2010 01:55 PM
  7. swooshme's Avatar
    What apps are getting deleted?
    10-19-2010 08:47 PM
  8. gman23's Avatar
    hey thanks guys . the apps that keep are all different some are from cydia some are from the app store . when i go to plug in to sync it , it starts to sync then i use to get a pop up to say do you want apps already bought synced but no more pop up ? now i can see when i sync it i can see the apps getting deleted and have to download them all over again dont know if theres a setting i need to change ? any help appreciated though. thanks
    10-20-2010 10:06 AM
  9. Slyfi's Avatar
    as far as i can understand your question, this is the best answer I can come up with.

    plug your phone in let it do it's thing,

    when its done go over to the left side of iTunes and click on your phone,

    that brings up the screen with all your phones details and such,

    then go over to the "Apps" tab at the top and tell it to stop syncing apps,

    of course you will have to redownload your problem apps but after that it should be fine (i hope)

    post results
    10-20-2010 10:12 AM
  10. ted's Avatar
    Just don't jailbreak your phone and steal from hardworking app developers who get nothing because you "cracked" their app.
    10-20-2010 02:20 PM
  11. Slyfi's Avatar
    Just don't jailbreak your phone and steal from hardworking app developers who get nothing because you "cracked" their app.
    again Jailbreaking isn't stealing Cydia apps are paid also and the people who develop them get paid
    10-20-2010 02:47 PM
  12. gman23's Avatar
    thanks slyfi seems to have done the trick just switched over from the darkside"blackberry" lol so still learning thanks again
    10-20-2010 03:15 PM
  13. Slyfi's Avatar
    It's all good when you have sync turned on it only puts Apps on there that can be seen in iTunes

    since cydia apps are unwelcome in iTunes it deletes them
    10-20-2010 04:16 PM
  14. Massie's Avatar
    I hate to say this, but after years of jailbreaking, the ONLY time I've seen iTunes delete apps off a phone is when they were cracked apps. I sync my phone almost every day and have a ton of Cydia apps--iTunes has never deleted a single one of them unless I'm doing a fresh restore, in which case it's supposed to delete apps.

    In other words, these are probably cracked apps he's dealing with.
    10-20-2010 10:01 PM
  15. Slyfi's Avatar
    im not a JBer in any sense so i Wouldn't know about Cydia apps and such except from what i read but i do know iTunes and the way i view it is he is going to do it regardless (if that is in fact the case) so answering an iTunes question can't do anymore harm then has already been done.
    10-20-2010 10:08 PM
  16. BigB's Avatar
    Cydia apps will never show up in itunes. itunes doesn't even know they're there..

    Turning off the app syncing may have stopped itunes from deleting his cracked apps but now none of his apps are going to get synced/backed up..

    I've seen the exact thing he's talking about before..
    10-20-2010 10:22 PM
  17. Slyfi's Avatar
    it will still transfer purchases from the phone to desktop but it wont put stuff he bought in iTunes on the phone
    10-20-2010 10:26 PM
  18. BigB's Avatar
    oh, I didn't realize it would still do that...

    I know exactly how to fix it too.. but rules are rules.. lets just say a google search will probably show the answer..
    10-20-2010 10:46 PM
  19. asymmetric's Avatar
    Make sure you have Appsync for your iOS version installed on your ipod so it can install the cracked games.
    10-21-2010 01:34 AM
  20. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    Cracked apps are a douchey thing to do and not something we want discussed on these boards. (How would you like it if someone came to your work and stole a Big Mac?)

    SlyFi is awesome for giving the benefit of the doubt here, but it smells fishy and I'm closing the thread.

    Most apps are $0.99. There's simply NO excuse to steal them, and it hurts the rest of us because if devs can't earn a living, they'll stop making the apps we want.
    10-21-2010 04:18 PM