1. thedadams's Avatar
    I was wondering if I upgrade my iPhone 3GS with TinyUmbrella (which doesn't update the baseband if I read the README file correctly), will I still be able to unlock with ultrasn0w? I don't see why I wouldn't be able to, but I wanted to make sure before I went along with it.

    Thanks in advance!
    10-15-2010 12:24 AM
  2. bibeaud's Avatar
    NO - does not work for 3GS. I found out the hard way. This trick only works for iPhone 4. Go figure....
    10-15-2010 05:59 AM
  3. Handlebars's Avatar
    Yes its just for the iPhone 4
    10-15-2010 10:42 AM
  4. myzhi's Avatar
    Starting with the IP4, Apple added another security check, baseband. Since the baseband gets updated last, using TU, baseband check will fail (no update) and that's why you need to kick out of recovery mode.
    10-15-2010 01:14 PM