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    hi all,

    i have been using this forum for quite a while - picking up on all the advice from its experienced members - so thank you!

    This is my first post as i am after some advice. i have an iPhone 4, JB'd on 4.01 (jailbreakme). I am having some issues with it, the usual 'device attached is not supported' and lack of sound symptoms so have spoken to apple and they say to bring it in and it will be replaced.

    now this is where i need your help:

    1) before taking it back to them, i take it that i need to restore it back to fatory settings (i have it synced already - is this the same as backed up?) - will it keep all the apps/contacts etc on my pc so that when i get the new one i can restore all the info?

    2) some of the apps of course are non-apple so i will need to JB the new one before doing (1) - some of the new iPhone 4's are being shipped with the latest software; 4.1 (which i guess i will get with the replacement phone) so i will need to use either Greenpois0n or Limera1n before restoring it - is there a general preference?

    3) what is the general process of restoring? i have never had to do it - it may be very simple but a heads up is nice.

    and if there is any other advice that would be much appreciated!

    thanks all!

    10-13-2010 06:26 AM
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    1. I recommend using APTBACKUP from the cydia store (free) to "backup" your cydia apps.

    Make sure you right click on the iPhone in itunes and choose transfer purchases just in case and the right click again and then choose backup. Then you are are set as far as that goes.

    2. I actually got a replacement for someone 2 weeks ago after 4.1 had been shipping for a while and the replacement had 4.0.2 on it, so you might need to update to 4.1 first before jailbreaking. I used limera1n myself, and I had no issues.

    3. Backup/Sync your stuff as stated in my first answer before swapping phones at the apple store.
    Jailbreak your new phone using either limera1n or greenpois0n.
    Go into cydia and and do necessary updates.
    Plug iPhone back into computer and restore from backup in tunes.
    Go into cydia on iphone and download and install aptbackup.
    Go into APT backup and click restore (takes a few minutes).
    Reboot your phone when APTbackup is done. You're done.
    10-13-2010 10:32 AM

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