1. PwnCakes193's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I just updated to 4.1 using limera1n, using my iPhone 4. I just noticed that Notifier doesn't work to give me icons in the status bar, are there any other apps that do work on 4.1 to accomplish what Notifier did?
    10-10-2010 05:27 PM
  2. Miggs2002's Avatar
    I was just coming here to ask the same thing
    10-10-2010 05:39 PM
  3. swooshme's Avatar
    I use lockinfo. I'm not sure if it is updated to work with 4.1 yet. But they just recently updated it to include status bar Notifications like notifier. I read in some other post that lockinfo was working on 4.1. Maybe someone else can confirm in this thread.
    10-10-2010 08:37 PM
  4. McAlsop's Avatar
    In Cydia, go to the Manage tab and click Settings in the top left. Click Developer (No Filters). Go the the Search tab, then search for and install libstatusbar. Now your status bar icons should work.

    Obviously, after you're done you can go back into the Manage tab, click Settings, and change back to User (Graphical Only).

    Note that I'm seeing an issue where the status bar indicators don't show up while I have the Cydia or MyWi 4.0 apps open (+ others probably).
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    10-12-2010 11:51 PM
  5. joyboy's Avatar
    Lockinfo is 4.1 compatible as well. Works great on my iPhone 4 running 4.1.
    10-13-2010 04:48 PM
  6. vietalogy's Avatar
    Lockinfo is 4.1 compatible as well. Works great on my iPhone 4 running 4.1.
    Thanks, just downloaded it looks nice.

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    10-13-2010 06:01 PM
  7. bamf-hacker's Avatar
    Yep Lockinfo is great and gets updated all the time. The Dev is right on top of things.
    10-14-2010 10:02 AM
  8. mascott's Avatar
    yeah, lockinfo is well worth the price!
    10-14-2010 04:10 PM