1. netfreak's Avatar
    Data Counter allows you to keep track of your cellular data usage. Its good for those who have limited data volume per month etc.

    * Allows you to count the data usage based on a few filters: -by data type (sent/received/both), by period
    * Allows you to define your monthly data plan
    * Allows you to select the day of the billing month (so the period will be updated automatically everything your run the app)
    * Not affected by Reset Statistics in the settings app
    * Show a statistics of the daily and monthly usage
    * Allows you to set what you want to display information regarding data usage on the badge (data exceeded/received/sent/total data usage)
    * No need to physically run the app everytime you reboot your iPhone
    * Works with any teleco, app directly grab data from your iPhone
    09-30-2010 01:51 PM
  2. mg48's Avatar
    Download meter is free in the app store and tracks wifi too. All same configuration options except for a icon badge. So check them both out to see which suits your needs.
    09-30-2010 04:12 PM
  3. wbwoodman's Avatar
    just call *3282# at&t tells you haow much data you have left and how much you used
    10-28-2010 05:21 PM