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  1. sammyg101's Avatar
    I need help asap. PLEASE! I cant figure out how t jailbreak my phone and i watched 35 youtube videos. plus I never download the right program or firmwarefor the phone. Please email me if you can help.

    I think i have a 3g or maybe 3gs. Back model # = a1241 fcc id bcga1241.

    I am running windows 7 on my laptop. I have the newest firware on the phone 4.0.1.

    Please help. I have a rebelling teen i need to monitor.


    The Navy Senior Chief
    07-29-2010 11:43 AM
  2. mpafr012#AC's Avatar
    Your out of luck until a jailbreak comes out for iOS 4.0.1.
    07-29-2010 11:54 AM
  3. big9erfan's Avatar
    While mpafr012 is INCORRECT, your path to jailbreaking is not an easy one.

    Ok, so you have an iPhone 3G ( not the 3GS ) at least based on the model # you provided.

    Give this walk through a shot: iOS 4.0 Jailbreak Redsn0w 0.9.5 for Windows and Mac | Redmond Pie

    Hope this helps.
    07-29-2010 12:18 PM
  4. BLiNK's Avatar
    IF you indeed do have a 3G, downgrade to 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 before you jailbreak

    hell, even if you do not jailbreak, still downgrade, you'll be glad you did
    07-29-2010 12:38 PM
  5. IGoSlo's Avatar
    At least you've come to the right place to find out and your NOT afraid to search for your solution. As Stated above, It can be done... Gingerly. I've attached a few pic's for proof. 3G 8GB Upgraded to 4.0.1 JB to 4.0 (Work still in progress...) Forgot to mention Running PC Vista. using Mobile Terminal, iPhone Xplorer, 1 or 2 other tools, LOTS of LUCK and GRACE. A little bit of Knowledge.(I've been told... that can be dangerous). LOL
    Now go out there and have fun.
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    07-31-2010 07:38 PM