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    Hey guys, my iphone4 finally arrived, now I went to prep my old 3g for sale. I'd like to have it jailbroken and unlocked before I list it for sale. It's currently running jailbroken 3.1. (yes, I'm a bit outdated here) I plan to update it to jailbroken ios4 with pwnage tool and want to unlock it as well so whomever buys it has their options open as far as carrier. I'm stuck upgrading to ios4 because I didn't keep up with jailbreaking and therefore didn't know to back up my shsh blobs. Anyway, I just want to verify some things.

    1. I'm going to need to perform the new jailbreak and unlock before I activate my new iphone right? Reason being, once the new iphone is activated, the old sim will be shut off and I won't be able to access it for jailbreaking, correct? Or would being already jailbroken allow me to perform the updated jailbreak and unlock even after the sim is deactivated?

    2. When I run pwnage tool should I answer "yes or no" when it asks Do you have an iPhone contract that would activate normally through iTunes?. Since the sim is going to be deactivated right after I perform this, whats the correct answer here? I'm assuming "no" leaves the option open to use other carriers.

    3. Should I check or uncheck "Activate the phone" in pwnage tools? I know if you're on ATT should should have this unchecked, but since I don't know what carrier the buyer will go with, should I leave this checked? Would leaving it checked prevent it from being activated on ATT if that's the carrier the buyer chooses?

    4. Lastly, god forbid, if i'm unhappy with the new phone and have to go back to the old phone, would anything I've done here cause me any problems with doing so?

    If anyone has input on what my procedure should be here, or other things I need to watch out for,I'd greatly appreciated. I want to get to using the new phone as soon as I can, but I want to make sure I don't kill my ability to update, JB, and unlock the old phone before selling. Thanks in advance guys.
    07-11-2010 04:04 PM