1. Akiramich's Avatar
    I upgraded to the Iphone 4 on an "impulse buy" last week [they had one in stock at Best Buy, so I bought it and set it up as a new phone].

    Problem is I didn't do anything with my 3G phone [which is jailbroken with Spirit jailbreak] before hand. So now I have a new phone already set up, and a jailbroken 3G that I would like to sell.

    Im wondering what I can do now to erase all my data off the phone after I have set up a new phone. I know not to do the 'Erase All Content and Settings' since that will take out the OS as well. Can I still connect it to itunes and set it up as a new phone [after I have set the new Iphone up on the same computer]? I want to leave it at the 3.1.3 OS , and I think I have OS4 on my Itunes now [I did update to 9.2].

    The more I've looked at things, Im thinking Ill just have to take the time to delete all my contacts and pictures and content one at a time. Do I still have an overall wipe option since I already set up a new phone?

    Any and all advice is appreciated.
    07-08-2010 07:31 PM
  2. rdiddy_25's Avatar
    Only way to do a complete wipe is to restore to new in iTunes but that will put iOS4 on ur 3g.
    07-08-2010 08:41 PM