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    Hey there,

    I've got a 3GS with a new bootrom running 3.1.2 with a BlackRa1n tethered jailbreak on it right now. I just sold it on eBay and I wanted to run Spirit to make it an untethered jailbreak and unlock it before sending it off to the buyer. I have my SHSH blobs saved on Cydia's servers just in case I need them.

    What I've done so far:
    I know that I have to run Spirit on a unjailbroken phone so I tried to restore it (using the Shift + Restore method and an old 3.1.2 ipsw) to no avail. It seems to have tried to authenticate my SHSH on Apple's servers. I can't find how to direct that authentication to Cydia's servers where my stored SHSH is.

    My questions:
    1)How do I use the SHSH blobs I stored on Saurik's servers to get a unjailbroken version of 3.1.2 on my phone?
    2)What should I use to unlock the phone after I get it jailbroken with Spirit?

    I did it.


    Here's how to redirect iTunes to Saurik's servers if you have your SHSH blobs saved through Cydia.

    Unlocking was simple too. I had baseband 5.11.07 so I used Blackra1n. It's a different unlock for each baseband so you're gonna have to know which one you have (Settings > General > About > Modem Firmware). More info here:


    Sorry for the weird-*** links, the freaking forum won't let me post em until I have a higher score.
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    I don't know the exact procedure to get iTunes to look at Cydia's servers instead of Apple's. But I do know it involves editing a host file in your windows folder. I also know google will be your best friend in this. Search for something like "downgrading to such and such" or "using shsh on cydia to restore(or downgrade) to such and such". Saurik himself wrote a tutorial on that.

    After it is jailbroken look for something called ultrasn0w in your packages. People say you need to add the source which is something like repo666.ultrasn0w.com I think but when I did it I didn't need to add a source. Again google, or the dev team blog will be your best friend if I got the repo wrong.
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