1. boiler6084's Avatar
    I recently jailbroke with Spirit. Yesterday I was looking up a solution to a problem I have (incorrect unread SMS count, it shows up as -1 when it should be 0). The solution seemed simple enough but it included use of sqlite3 to access sms.db. When I went to try this, I noticed sqlite3 was not on the iPhone. I then looked up getting sqlite3 on the iPhone and everywhere just said search Cydia for sqlite3 and download it from there. Alas, sqlite3 does not show up for me in Cydia. What am I doing wrong or where else can I get sqlite3?
    05-27-2010 12:22 PM
  2. big9erfan's Avatar
    the iPhone USES a sqlite library, it's already in the phone. What you're looking for is an sqlite front end, check out this thread [iSMS] 1.0 RC2 now available for public test ! - Page 6 - Hackint0sh it should help you out.

    When I search for SQLite it shows up in Cydia, you probably don't have your preferences set to Developer, but even if you did, you'd see it was already installed.
    05-27-2010 02:25 PM
  3. boiler6084's Avatar
    I realize what I'm looking for is the sqlite client. It appeared as though on the site I was looking at that the guy was using a sqlite client directly on his phone's mobile terminal. This is what I was looking for. Indeed if I look in my Cydia packages on Expert view, SQLite3 Library shows up. However, if I search for it, nothing shows up. Now, what I was looking for is changing to Developer mode for Cydia as the package I was looking for now shows up in the search (just SQLite 3 w/o the Library part). Now that I have that installed I now have the sqlite3 client.

    I always realized I could do it on another computer...that just wasn't a convenient option at the moment.

    Thanks for the suggestions and the link by the way.
    05-27-2010 02:40 PM