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    I was in settings, and i enabled iconoclasm and the wheel starting spinning like it was going to respring. But every time the wheel stopped (this is where the screen usually turns off) a new wheel started spinning again (on top of the old one) So the wheel just kept starting and stopping again and again until all you had is a full white wheel from where it kept spinning.

    So i did a hard reset (sleep and home) and since its a tethered jailbreak with blackra1n, i plugged it in to boot it up. And when it usually boots, the wheel does the same thing where it spins, stops, new wheel spins, stops.. and so on. Also it keeps vibrating twice like every 5 secs (like it does one time right before it boots).

    Im able to ssh in when its in this state. But itunes wont recognize it, and i cant boot it.

    Someone please help!
    05-27-2010 09:59 AM