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    Hi - I have a JB 3GS that I had to restore. It now has 3.13/spirit JB. Aptbackup reinstalled my jb apps (so so successfully) but now my SBSettings list 2 icon hide switches for most of apple app store apps? When I look in the app folders - it appears that these apps are actually installed twice as they have separate folders. I'm not sure how that could have happened after a restore as only one copy should have been placed on a "clean" phone.

    Other than doing a total restore, rejb, resync, then fixing themes etc from scratch... does anyone know how to fix this? Can you tell (via ssh or diskaid) which folder isn't the one being used and just delete them or will this cause other problems.

    OTOH, I have extra space on the phone and could just live with duplicates til I have to do a restore with the eventual OS 4 install.

    Any thoughts from those who know more about the innards of the iPhone OS?

    05-26-2010 08:13 AM
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    Looking into this more carefully, I found that my iTunes mobile app library was fine - each app listed once.

    However, using DiskAid, on the iPhone, the duplicated apps have duplicated folders. Each folder has a long hexadecimal name without a date. Most are difficult to determine which is the folder that is actually matched to the icon. A few, can be determined due to items in their plists having dates.

    So let me rephrase the question to those that know.

    1) is there some other way to determine which folder is the active one?
    2) is there any harm in just deleting the inactive folder (or will there be some index out of whack)?

    I'm still not sure how a restore ended up with some apps duplicated...

    Thanks for any who have looked at this and any thoughts you might have...
    05-28-2010 09:50 AM